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First day at FLIP - Parthenay

Building Worlds. Together.

Meet Tania and Devrim. Tania, with a PhD in Biology, and Devrim, a computer engineer, are both teachers who share a passion for board games.

Tania inherited her love for board games and role-playing from her parents and grew up with strategy games. Despite her biology career, she stayed connected with her geek and gamer friends across Europe. She joined our project in 2021, helping find playtesters and offering invaluable advice.

Devrim started playing role-playing and board games at age 6 and created his first game at 9. With over 20 years in IT and teaching, he pursued his dream of sharing his passion for board games with the public.

At Gameverse Tech, we are committed to creating unique and captivating board game experiences. By involving our community in the design process, we ensure our games resonate with a broad audience and incorporate diverse perspectives. This collaboration helps us create richer, more immersive worlds. We are dedicated to inclusivity, making our games welcoming and accessible to players of all backgrounds.

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