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Title of the Dwarves Fall of Karnarak Board Game

Full cooperative board game with a perfect blend of tower defense and worker placement for 1 - 4 players

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Dwarves : The Fall Of Karnarak

“Beards, beer, axes and greenskins”

Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak is a fully cooperative board game for 1 – 4 players, mixing worker placement and tower defense. Players take on the role of dwarf clans who must work together to organize the defenses of the citadel against the hordes of creatures coming to destroy it.

Players will have to send their troops against the enemy hordes and manage their resources to improve the fortress’ defenses, forge powerful items, improve their clan’s powers, and use rune and glyph magic to prevent enemies from penetrating the heart of the citadel.

Fully Cooperative

  • Players must work together to organize the defense of the citadel
  • Communication and combined actions between players are the only way to repel the enemy hordes

Tower Defense And Worker Placement All-In-One

  • Use the resources of the citadel wisely to improve its defense
  • Grow your clan by hiring specialist
  • Your survival against waves of enemies will depend on your strategic choices


  • 5 different clans each with their own powers and way of playing
  • 5 enemy leaders and 4 types of enemy each with its own skills
Sep 2020
First sketch for Dwarves The Fall Of Karnarak
First Idea Of A Dwarf Themed Board Game

The first game we wanted to create was based on dwarves who had to mine deep to gain wealth. We threw it away pretty quickly. But it made us realise that what we wanted to create was a collaborative game.

Nov 2020
First brainstorming session to design Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak
Various prototypes on post-it notes

We had many brainstorming sessions. Little by little, the beginnings of what would become The Fall Of Karnarak were taking shape. We tested many ideas on notepads and post-its before creating the first real prototype.

Sep 2021
First prototype testing with family and friends

We needed to make the mechanics more visual to immerse ourselves into the world we were creating. We developed the very first prototype with artwork we bought on the Internet and then exported to Tabletop Simulator and played it with family and friends.

Oct 2021
First physical prototype for Dwarves Fall Of Karnarak
First physical prototype

After testing the game extensively on Tabletop Simulator, we decided to create a few physical copies so that we could "manipulate" the tokens and cards and distribute them to other group of players.

Jan 2022
Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak blind testing
Blind testing the game

We met some great people who were willing to test the game. We did our first big iteration after these different plays following the feedbacks of the players. Thanks to all of you!

Apr 2022
Convention de jeux de rôle et de plateau à Lausanne - Orc'idée 2022
Board game convention in Lausanne

We attended  board game convention : Orc'idée in Lausanne, Switzerland to continue blind testing. We are very proud to announce that the game has been received with excellent reviews.

Oct 2022
Devrim et Bora à la foire Spiel d'Essen
Essen Spiel 2022

We participated in the Essen Game Fair this year. For us, it was a childhood dream come true. We met some very nice people and an open and helpful community. Next year we decided to set up our own booth.

March 2023
Karnarak Playtest at Ludesco 2023
Ludesco 2023
Ludesco is a festival of board games, role playing games, and playful experiences, taking place over a continuous weekend. We unveiled for the first time our "near final" prototype which was an immediate success :).
Apr 2024 ?
Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak is planned to be launched on Kickstarter on April 2023
Kickstarter Launch

Will we be ready to launch our game in April 2024 on Kickstarter? We hope so with all our heart...


Devrim started playing role-playing and board games at the age of 6 and 40 years later, this passion has not left him. He created his first board game at the age of 9. It was a version of Theseus and the Minotaur and, at the time, he didn’t know that he had just invented his very first Dungeon Crawler. After more than twenty years in IT and teaching, he decided to make his childhood dream come true by creating a game publishing company.

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