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Dwarven clans of Karnarak

5 clans for the base game

Lately we have been working a lot on the different clans. Today we are going to introduce you to the 5 clans that will come with the base game.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have had an unexpected response to the game from our female friends. And that’s why we have declined each clan with a female version. The clan keeps the same characteristics in both versions but players will be able to choose the image of the representative of their clan (on a game that lasts on average 2h30, this can have its importance 😊).

But before we introduce the clans, we wanted to give you a brief summary of the structure of the dwarven society.

Social structure of Karnarak

A dwarf’s life is all about clan and family. Members of a clan are bound to each other by blood and common ancestry.

Families in a clan normally share a common homeland, dating back to the first dwarven settlements in the Dragonspire Mountains.

Dwarves can trace their ancestry back thousands of years. Memorizing the sagas of their ancestors is considered as essential to a dwarf’s education as mastering the crafts of his clan.

Dwarf society is matriarchal. Children inherit their mother’s clan and family name.

The guilds

Dwarf society is divided into several guilds. The guilds bring together members of the same profession. They are highly hierarchical and include apprentices, journeymen and masters. Dwarf guilds are organizations that were created by dwarves to protect their cultural and crafting traditions. They are powerful entities in dwarven society, as they control important aspects such as the economy, finances and labor. Members of these guilds are skilled craftsmen who belong to a specific guild based on their profession.

Major guilds often have a higher status in Dwarven society and tend to take precedence over minor guilds. In many cases, major guilds absorb minor guilds into their organization. This integration serves to consolidate the power and influence of the larger guilds, as they control new trades.

Dwarves who are members of the minor guilds are often welcomed into the major guilds as full members, allowing them to continue to practice their craft and benefit from the resources and support of the larger organization. This process of integration ensures that the skills and traditions of dwarves are preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Overall, the guilds play a crucial role in maintaining the cultural and economic stability of dwarven society.

Each clan belongs to one of these guilds, depending on its area of specialization. There are 5 major guilds and dozens of minor guilds. The major guilds are made up of the most important guilds of the dwarf society.

The Guild of the Book

The Guild of the Book, also known as the Keepers of Lore and Wealth, holds a place of great reverence in the hearts and minds of the dwarf people. Comprised of learned scribes, loremasters, and shrewd bankers, they are entrusted with the preservation of the dwarves’ rich cultural heritage and the management of their abundant wealth.

These stalwart guardians of the dwarves’ legacy tirelessly labor in the dimly-lit halls of their great libraries, transcribing ancient tomes filled with the wisdom of their forefathers. They are the custodians of the dwarves’ genealogies, the record-keepers of their history, and the protectors of their wealth. They ensure that the dwarves’ wealth remains secure, both in the halls of their underground cities and beyond, and that their knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

The members of the Guild of the Book are held in high esteem by the dwarves, for they are seen as the guardians of their heritage and the keepers of their traditions. They are often consulted by the dwarves’ leaders in times of great need, for they possess a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the ways of their people.

Like the elves, the dwarves too have a deep reverence for the written word and the power of knowledge. The Guild of the Book serves as a testament to this, and their tireless efforts to preserve and protect the dwarves’ legacy is a source of great pride for their people.

Dwarven Loremaster
Loremaster Svàr of the Runekeeper Clan

The Stone Guild

Mara and Doria Ironhelm of the Stonehammer Clan, Royal Architects of Karnarak

The Stone Guild, also known as the Order of the Anvil, is a revered institution among the dwarves. It is comprised of skilled craftsmen and rugged miners, united in their love for the minerals of the earth and their mastery of the forge. The blacksmiths of the Order are renowned for their prowess in creating weapons of great strength and beauty, while the miners delve deep into the earth to extract its precious gems and metals.

The architects of the Stone Guild are master builders, capable of creating grand halls and towering fortresses that stand as testament to the dwarves’ skill and tenacity. And the jewelers of the Order are renowned for their craftsmanship, imbuing their creations with an artistry that is unmatched by any other race.

The members of the Stone Guild are held in great respect by the dwarves, for they are seen as the backbone of their society. Their skills are in high demand, and their creations are treasured by dwarves far and wide. The blacksmiths’ weapons are used to defend their people, the miners’ gems and metals provide the dwarves with wealth and prosperity, the architects’ buildings serve as their homes and fortresses, and the jewelers’ creations are worn as symbols of status and wealth.

The Stone Guild is a source of pride for the dwarves, for it embodies their love for the earth and their mastery of the craft. The members of the Order work tirelessly to create objects of great beauty and utility, ensuring that their people will always have a secure place in the world.

The Steel Guild

Phalanx of the Stoneguards

The Steel Guild, also known as the Stoneguards, is a highly-regarded organization among the dwarves. Its members are charged with the protection of the dwarves’ fortresses and the safeguarding of their interests. They are skilled warriors, armed with the finest weapons and armor created by the blacksmiths of the Stone Guild.

The Steel Guild is made up of brave and stalwart dwarves who stand ready to defend their people against any threat. They patrol the halls of the dwarves’ fortresses, keeping watch for danger and ensuring the safety of their people. And when circumstances demand it, they go to war, marching forth from the safety of their underground cities to defend the interests of the Children of the Mountain.

The members of the Steel Guild are held in high esteem by the dwarves, for they are seen as the protectors of their people. They are feared by their enemies and respected by their allies, for they are warriors of great skill and courage. The Steel Guild is a symbol of the dwarves’ strength and determination, and its members are proud to serve in its ranks.

The dwarves know that they can always count on the Steel Guild to defend them against danger, and they sleep easier at night knowing that the Warriors of the Mountain stand watch over their homes and families. The Steel Guild is a source of great pride for the dwarves, and its members are honored to serve their people in this way.

The Guild of the Wheel

Dwarven Engineer of Karnarak
Master Engineer Rory Thunderspear of the Stormcaller Clan

Les ingénieurs de l’Ordre de la Roue forment un ordre ancien et puissant au sein de Karnarak. Ses membres s’occupent aussi bien des machines de guerre et des pompes hydrauliques que des gyrocoptères et des fortifications terrestres.

The Chariot Guild

Her Excellency Anira Sunstone of the Brimstone Clan, Trade Mistress and Voice of Karnarak to His Imperial Highness Tyrion IV

The Chariot Guild is a vital organization in the dwarves’ society. It is responsible for ensuring that the dwarves’ needs for food, trade and transportation are met.

The guild is made up of skilled farmers, agriculturists and merchants who work tirelessly to cultivate crops and livestock, manage trade routes and transport goods throughout the dwarves’ underground cities. 

They are essential in maintaining the dwarves’ self-sufficiency and prosperity, as even the most powerful fortress needs to be supplied with food, goods and resources. 

The Chariot Guild is respected and revered by the dwarves for their hard work and dedication to their people, and its members are considered among the most important members of their society.

The Clans


The Brimstone Clan is a proud and dedicated group of dwarves who are fiercely loyal to their kin, homeland, and king. Despite their strong adherence to tradition, they are also known for being opportunistic and willing to bend rules to achieve their goals. This clan is particularly wealthy, as they have extensive trade networks and are skilled merchants and traders. They are also well-traveled, making them knowledgeable about the world and highly sought after as diplomats and spies. Overall, the Dwarven Brimstone Clan is a powerful and influential force within Karnarak.


The Firebeard Clan is a group of highly skilled inventors, tinkerers, and engineers. Their expertise in using even the most basic tools to repair and improve upon existing technology has earned them a reputation as fearless and daring pioneers. The Firebeards are widely respected within Karnarak for their innovative spirit and their role in originating the steam engine. With a constant drive to invent and test new ideas, the Firebeard Clan is a force of progress and creativity within their community.


The Stonehammer Clan is a proud group of architects and craftsmen with a rich history. Their heritage can be traced back to Nordrinn the Stonehammer, the legendary builder of the Fortress of Karnarak. The Stonehammers are known for their exceptional skills in stonework and their ability to craft structures of stunning beauty and durability. It is said that they have a special connection to stone, almost as if they can hear it whispering. The Stonehammer Clan is deeply intertwined with the history and development of Karnarak.


Stormcaller Dwarf clan sheet

The Stormcaller Clan is a fierce and skilled warrior-group, well-versed in the art of ranged combat. The accuracy of the Stormcallers is legendary, having honed their abilities over generations of practice and refinement. The ancient master craftsmen of this clan were responsible for the creation of the first firearms, and their descendants have continued to perfect these deadly weapons. Their most fearsome invention, the “Big Bertha,” is a massive cannon capable of reducing entire cities to rubble with its devastating firepower.


The Trollbane Clan is a fearsome warrior-group, known for striking fear into the hearts of even the most vicious orcs. This clan can trace its lineage directly back to the legendary warrior, Magnus Trollbane, who defeated the Troll King Skarag with his bare hands. To join the ranks of the Trollbane, young dwarves entering adulthood must undertake a rite of initiation, where they must face and slay a troll on their own. It is said that the warriors of this clan are so fierce that they cut their teeth on the hearts of their enemies, tearing them out and devouring them.

So now you now know the five basic clans of the game. If you have ideas for other clans or if you want to give us feedback on the clan maps, please contact us and give us your opinion.

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