Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak – Exciting Updates and Successful Expo Adventures!

Entrance of the UK Game Expo 2023

Greetings Dwarf friends!

We’re back with some thrilling updates on our beloved game, Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak. We recently embarked on an incredible journey, starting with our visit to the UK Game Expo in Birmingham. Let us share our adventures and all the exciting discoveries we made!

Fine-tuning the Rules and Gathering Feedback

Playtest of Karnarak at the UK Game Expo 2023

At the UK Game Expo, we had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend playing the latest version of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak with the enthusiastic English public. 

Their reception was beyond our expectations, and we received some incredibly relevant feedback during the discovery mode. 

Thanks to their input, we were able to fine-tune the rules for the 4-player mode, ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

However, we still have some work ahead to create rules for the solo, 2, 3, and 5 player versions. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to making Dwarves accessible to gamers of all group sizes!

Discovering Hidden Gems - "Partisan" by Earth Former Games

While at the expo, we also had the opportunity to explore games created by other talented designers. One particular gem that caught our attention was “Partisan” by Earth Former Games

This thrilling 2-player asymmetric deck-building game had us balancing international relations and morale, all while striving for dominance in the Earth Former universe. 

We highly recommend checking it out!

Unforgettable Moments at the "Molsheim est ludique" Festival

Playtest of Dwarves the fall of Karnarak at Molsheim est ludique 2023

After our adventures in Birmingham, we ventured to the picturesque town of Molsheim, France, where the “Molsheim est ludique” festival was in full swing. 

Not only did we get to indulge in some delicious Alsatian beer, but we also had the chance to engage with the festival team and fellow designers. 

Together, we played a full-length game of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak, and the feedback we received was truly invaluable. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for helping us make Dwarves even better!

Exciting Projects in the Works

Warlord standees for Dwarves The Fall of Karnarak

Now, let’s dive into the exciting projects we’re currently working on for Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak.

Versatile and Asymmetrical Clans

Stormcaller Dwarf clan sheet

One of the key areas we are focusing on is addressing the feedback regarding the current version of clans in Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak.

We have recognized that some players feel the clans are too restrictive and lack the flexibility to be played in different ways. In particular, we have identified an issue with the Stormcaller clan, which is confined to a single room in the citadel without the option to engage in other actions.

This limitation can quickly become frustrating for players, as they may feel relegated to the role of a simple gunner, relentlessly pounding away at enemies.

To tackle this challenge, we are actively working on redefining the clan dynamics to introduce more strategic choices and gameplay variety.

We want players to experience a sense of agency and decision-making within each clan, allowing for diverse and engaging playstyles.

For the Stormcaller clan specifically, we are exploring innovative ways to expand their actions beyond the confines of a single room, granting them the opportunity to have a more active and impactful role in the game.

By introducing these changes, we aim to alleviate any potential monotony and provide a more immersive and enjoyable experience for all players.

Through extensive playtesting and iterative design, we are dedicated to finding the perfect balance between thematic coherence and empowering gameplay mechanics.

Our goal is to ensure that each clan offers a distinct and fulfilling gameplay experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the rich and dynamic world of Karnarak.

Introducing the Warlords - Urak, Azara, and Gront

Standee for the Warlord Urak
Standee for the Warlord Azara

Feast your eyes on our first-ever acrylic figurines showcasing the Warlords of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak. 

Allow us to introduce you to Urak, the legendary Orc Warlord of the Frostwind clan, Azara, the powerful goblin witch and trusted advisor to Urak, and Gront, the formidable troll brute who sees the potential for greatness under Urak’s leadership.

Upcoming Testing and Visual Enhancements

As we strive to create the best possible gaming experience in Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak, we are excited to share our plans for upcoming testing and visual enhancements.

a. Testing the New Clan Powers

Building upon the valuable feedback from players, we are preparing to embark on a series of rigorous tests to evaluate the newly added powers for each clan.

These tests will encompass both long gameplay sessions and discovery games, allowing us to fine-tune the balance and effectiveness of the new powers.

By thoroughly testing the enhanced abilities, we aim to ensure that they offer a seamless integration into the gameplay and contribute to a more immersive and strategic experience.

Your feedback during this phase will be invaluable in shaping the final implementation of these new powers.

b. Visual Enhancements and Artwork Refinements

In our commitment to delivering an aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging game, we are also working on enhancing the artwork and clarifying the icons present on the game maps.

We are meticulously refining the visuals to create a cohesive and immersive world of Karnarak.

We understand the importance of clear and consistent iconography, and we are dedicated to ensuring that players can easily interpret and understand the game elements at a glance.

These visual enhancements will not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a smoother and more intuitive gameplay experience.

We greatly appreciate the patience and support of our dedicated community as we strive to perfect every aspect of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak.

Your valuable input, whether through playtesting or providing feedback on visual elements, is instrumental in our ongoing development process.

We need your help

Before we wrap up, we have a small favor to ask of you, our incredible readers. We would be immensely grateful if you could take a moment to leave a comment, like our photos, or even give a thumbs-up on Boardgamegeek. Your support means the world to us and will play a significant role in raising the profile of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak. 

So, please lend us a hand and help spread the word about our beloved game. 

We appreciate every bit of help you can give us. Thank you!


To wrap it up, our recent adventures have been nothing short of amazing. 

We fine-tuned the rules based on valuable feedback from the UK Game Expo, discovered fantastic games like “Partisan” by Earth Former Games, and had a blast at the “Molsheim est ludique” festival in France. 

We’re working diligently to enhance the clans with new powers, introducing the epic Warlords, and making visual improvements. Join us on this exciting journey and show your support by leaving a comment, liking our photos, or dropping a thumbs-up on the Boardgamegeek forum. 

Together, let’s raise the profile of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak and create unforgettable gaming experiences!

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