Exciting Adventures at FLIP Festival: Testing New Rules and Receiving Valuable Feedback for Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak!

First day at FLIP - Parthenay

Greetings Dwarf friends!

We’re back with thrilling updates from our recent visit to the Festival Ludique International de Parthenay (FLIP) in France. We had an incredible time testing the new rules for our game, Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak, over four fantastic days at this renowned games festival.

Discovering FLIP

Karnarak Test Session at FLIP - Parthenay

The Festival Ludique International de Parthenay, or FLIP, is a celebrated games festival held annually in the charming town of Parthenay.

Stretching over 12 days in early July, the festival welcomes nearly 150,000 festival-goers and takes over the streets and squares of the town center, offering a plethora of themed ‘villages’ that cater to various gaming interests.

From the Village des Créateurs to the Village des Jeux Médiévaux, FLIP is a vibrant celebration of all things gaming.

New Clan Sheets Design

Dwarves the Fall of Karnarak - Clan sheet Stonehammer

As part of our commitment to enhancing the gameplay experience, we have also revamped the design of the clan sheets. The style is now more accurate and uniform, providing players with a visually cohesive experience. We have optimized the layout to accommodate five powers on each sheet while ensuring readability remains a top priority.

Additionally, we have meticulously reworked some clan skills to achieve a better balance and make each clan leader’s role even more engaging and distinct.

Enhancing Clans with New Powers

At the FLIP, we had the privilege of engaging with the enthusiastic French gaming community who warmly welcomed our game, Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak. They offered relevant feedback during discovery mode, which has been invaluable to our development process.

We were elated to witness their excitement as they delved into the world of Karnarak and provided us with fresh perspectives.

One of our major focuses has been improving the clans in Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak by introducing new and unique powers.

The FLIP proved to be the perfect testing ground for these new abilities. However, we also encountered a challenge. One of these mechanisms, though innovative, proved to be game-breaking as it almost eliminated the generation of enemies – a critical aspect of the game centered around the siege of a citadel.

We’ve taken this feedback to heart and are dedicated to fine-tuning these new powers to maintain a balanced and captivating gameplay experience.

Introducing Rune Forging Abilities

In our quest to make the gameplay even more exciting, we’ve introduced the ability to forge runes in Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak. Players now have the opportunity to complete certain feats to gather the necessary ingredients for enchantment. 

While achieving these feats is indeed challenging, the rewards are well worth the effort. By mastering the art of rune forging, players can gain powerful advantages that can sway the tide of battle in their favor.

Upcoming in Dijon - Ludimania Games Festival

Mark your calendars! We’re excited to announce our presence at the Ludimania games festival in Dijon on the weekend of 9th and 10th September. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet our team, play Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak, and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Calling for Your Support

Before we conclude, we have a humble request for our incredible community. Your support means the world to us, and we’d be immensely grateful if you could take a moment to leave a comment, like our photos, or simply give a thumbs-up on the BoardGameGeek forum. Every bit of help goes a long way in raising the profile of Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak, and we deeply appreciate your involvement.


Our visit to FLIP was a resounding success, with invaluable feedback from the French gaming community that continues to drive our passion for creating an exceptional gaming experience. We remain committed to enhancing Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak and look forward to meeting more of you at Ludimania. Let’s continue this exciting journey together and forge unforgettable adventures in the world of Karnarak!

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