Karnarak Project Update #7

Presentation of the new version of the fall of karnarak board game

Greetings, Clan Lords!

It’s been a few weeks since we last shared news with you, and for that, we apologize. We’ve been hard at work on the new version of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak, and we have some exciting updates to share.

So, for the second time since last time, we went to Besançon to showcase the game. We’d like to thank all the players who were eagerly awaiting our arrival on Saturday to play the game again, a year later. We hope you like the changes!

When we first introduced the game, it was nearly finished—well-balanced and positively received by players. But it wasn’t quite the game we envisioned creating.

We aim to offer a rich, collaborative experience, a game we truly want to play. So, we decided to start fresh and build the game we always dreamed of.

Our game has continued to evolve significantly, and we’ve made several major changes:

Campaign Mode and Scenarios

Working on the new prototype of Dwarve campaign and scenario mode - The Fall Of Karnarak

The most significant change is the introduction of a campaign mode and scenarios. The original version of Dwarves had only one type of game mode, with replayability based on the variation of boss powers and clans.

However, strategies became repetitive over time. In the new version, we’ve included scenarios to keep the game fresh and engaging. Each scenario varies in length and difficulty and is tied to a specific War Lord, with events that are randomized each time you play.

This ensures that no two games are ever the same. Scenarios also bring varied victory conditions. Previously, the only way to win was to defeat the War Lords. Now, each scenario has its own unique objectives.

Additionally, scenarios will gradually introduce new modules and game possibilities, allowing players to learn the rules as they play.

More Minion Types

In the first version, there were five distinct types of minions. We’ve now expanded that to eight. Goblin archers rain arrows on their foes, shamans shield their troops with powerful magic, and war wyverns swoop down on their prey from the skies.

Enhanced Tower Defense Mechanics

We’ve improved the “Tower Defense” mechanics. Previously, minions were generated directly at the citadel gates. Now, they are generated on the battlefield across three different rows and advance toward the citadel. This allows players to strategize in advance and set up defenses before the minions reach the citadel walls. Additionally, you can now place traps directly on the battlefield, mount cannons on the walls, and utilize other elements to turn the battle to your advantage.

Minions in the Citadel

Once the minions breach the citadel and enter, they no longer move randomly from room to room. Instead, they follow the citadel’s corridors, aiming to reach the new Throne Room.

Dwarf Troops with Dice Mechanics

Troop cards are removed and replaced by dice in Karnarak board game

Dwarf troops defending our citadel are no longer represented by a deck of cards. Their attack strength is now determined by dice rolls. This change introduces a variety of troops like the Stoneguards, who hit hard, the arquebusiers, who attack from a distance, and the Shield Dwarves, who have an impenetrable defense. But don’t worry, the tavern is always ready for some beer in case the drunk dwarves decide to join the battle! 😉

Mining Enhancements

In the depths of Karnarak lie horrors that are best left undiscovered.

The mine no longer produces a fixed amount of minerals. Instead, it becomes richer as you dig deeper. But beware, as going too deep might awaken unnamed horrors from the depths.

Enhanced Asymmetry

We’ve further developed the game’s asymmetry. In the original version, clans had five powers integrated into their clan sheet. Now, these powers are represented by a unique deck of cards for each clan, featuring dozens of different powers that create synergies within the clan and with other clans. This introduces a hand management concept, allowing you to build your clan as the game progresses according to your needs and playstyle.

Deluxe Edition Figurines

We have exciting news! In collaboration with 3D sculptor Francesco Orrù, we have decided that the Deluxe edition of Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak will feature figurines for the War Lords. Francesco has already sculpted Urak and Azara, our first two War Lords, and is working tirelessly on the rest.

Our Visit to Montpellier

Festival Sortons jouer de Montpellier

Recently, we participated in a gaming convention called “Montpellier, Let’s Play!” Here’s a quick overview: “The Montpellier Game Festival was created in 2009 by a collective of gaming associations from Montpellier. Initially held at the Pagézy Hall, its success has only grown, and it has been held at the Corum in Montpellier since 2017.”

Our game was a huge hit, and we also took the opportunity to tease a second game. While we won’t reveal much now, we’ll leave you with this hint: if you love gastronomy, this game will be right up your alley. Stay tuned for more details!


We’re thrilled with the direction Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak is taking and hope you are too. With new campaign modes, enhanced mechanics, more diverse minions, and the addition of deluxe figurines, we’re confident that this will be the game we’ve always dreamed of creating—and playing.

Thank you, Clan Lords, for your continued support and interest. Until next time, remember: “A dwarf’s axe is never dull, just like their wit!”

Tania and Devrim 🛡️🪓🍻

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