New updates and the evolution of the game over time

Greetings, Clan Lords!

We hope you’ve had a great break. On our end, we’ve taken advantage of the summer holidays to bring some new updates to the game. In this blog post, you’ll discover the latest improvements we’ve made, noteworthy events, and what we have in store for the future. So, gather your clans, sharpen your axes, empty your tankards of ale, and let’s dive into this dwarven epic!

Optimization of Game Components

We’ve been hard at work optimizing game components. We’ve streamlined certain aspects, such as minion generation and events, so that you can spend more time playing and less time handling cards. Additionally, we’ve simplified the token system by reducing the variety of tokens, making the rules clearer and gameplay management more intuitive.

We’ve also made visual enhancements to the game by redesigning siege engine tokens and various other tokens. These visual changes aim to make them more legible, consistent, and, most importantly, in harmony with the overall game board design. We firmly believe that every visual element contributes to immersing players in the world of Karnarak.

New Siege Engin Token

Nous avons également apporté des améliorations visuelles au jeu en modifiant le design des jetons d’engins de siège et de différents jetons. Ces changements visent à les rendre plus lisibles, homogènes et, surtout, beaucoup plus en phase avec le design du plateau de jeu. Nous croyons fermement que chaque élément visuel contribue à l’immersion dans l’univers de Karnarak.

New Mechanics: Adjacent Rooms

Nouvelle mécanique: Salles adjacentes

One of the major evolutions in “Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak” is the introduction of adjacent rooms. These special rooms bring new mechanics into play and expand the abilities of certain clans that can strategically leverage this mechanic. This innovation adds a whole new layer of strategy to the game, providing players with even more tactical choices for defending Karnarak.

Game Board Evolution

First prototype
Made with MS Paint... yes, really! 🙂
2nd prototype
We borrowed the image of the citadel from Tyler Edlin to spare our eyes. Thank you!
3rd prototype
We've added battlefield combat.
4th prototype
Slightly more organized, and we've added morale as well as a summary of the game rounds (top left).
5th prototype
Our first "home" artwork. We've added siege engines, modified some rooms (it's up to you to find them), and made the first major change to the game.
6th prototype
2nd major change in the game. The artistic direction has been completely revised.
Current version
This is the current version, but there will be a major change very soon (and I promise, it will be the last... or not...).
Previous slide
Next slide

The game board of “Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak” has also evolved throughout the game design process. Some mechanics were added, others removed, but streamlining gameplay has always been at the heart of our concerns. We invite you on a journey through time as you explore the various versions of the board through images that illustrate our progress.

Ludimania and Octogône

We had the opportunity to showcase our game at the Ludimania convention in Saint-Apollinaire, near Dijon, and we’re thrilled that “Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak” was so well-received. The feedback has been incredibly positive, and we’ve seen a victory rate of around 70% in introductory games, demonstrating the game’s balance.

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that we will be present at the Octogône festival in Villeurbanne, near Lyon, France. The festival will take place from September 29th to October 1st, and we warmly invite you to come and play the game on Saturday. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience Karnarak in person and meet the team behind the game.


We couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with all of you. The future looks promising, with a constantly evolving game board, the possibility of meeting us at the Octogône festival, and soon, trusted factory partners.

You are at the heart of this adventure, and we are deeply grateful for your ongoing commitment.

As an ancient dwarven proverb goes, “A dwarf’s resilience is forged in trials, like steel in flames.” We will continue to evolve “Dwarves: The Fall of Karnarak” with you to make it an exceptional game that our ancestors would be proud of. In our next newsletter, you will get a glimpse of a major change coming to the game.

Until our next encounter, Clan Lords, prepare to defend Karnarak with honor and determination. Dwarves never back down!

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We are 2 geeks living in Switzerland and passionate about board games and role playing games since childhood. We decided to realize our passion by designing our first game, Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak.

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