Karnarak Project Update #5

The new board for Dwarves the Fall of Karnarak

Greetings, Clan Lords!

Welcome to the depths of Karnarak, where every hammer strike resonates like a prophecy in the forge of our creation. We’ve made some significant changes that have a major impact on the game.

Firstly, the Warlords’ mechanics have changed. You’ll now have to battle against 2 Warlords simultaneously!

We’ve also decided to part ways with certain mechanics that have been with us since the very first version of the game.

Lastly, we’ve greatly reduced the size of the board so you won’t need to buy a dining table for 12 from a famous Swedish furniture maker :).

The Warlords' Ballet

New warlord mechanic introduces 2 warlords simultaneously

Warlords no longer arrive one after the other but two at a time, offering a unique combat dynamic. The possibility of eliminating them persists, but a new mechanic allows them to retreat. When one of the Warlords reaches level 3, the formidable dragoness Ssïn enters the stage, upsetting the game’s balance.

Now there are two paths to victory and two paths to defeat, adding strategic depth between the clans. Defeat can come either from morale dropping to zero or from any Warlord reaching the citadel gates.

To triumph, players must choose between eliminating both Warlords, only Ssïn, or depleting the enemy army symbolized by “Warlord” cards.

Farewell to Events

Events are replaced by Warlord cards

The “Warlord” cards replace the “Events” cards. They reveal the movement of enemy troops, the Warlord’s power, and the minions sent to assault the citadel.

Each Warlord has their deck of cards, and the powers influence the game differently. For example, Orc Warlord Urak will overwhelm the clans with minions and increase the power of Warlords in play, while Goblin Witch Azara will hinder players by making them discard cards, preventing the use of certain rooms, or limiting their orders.

Each Warlord has about fifteen different power cards divided into 3 levels for maximum replayability. The random powers make Warlords less predictable, emphasizing the crucial importance of the Observatory to anticipate enemy movements.

Welcome to the New Runes Forge

Les quetes de Ssïn ont été supprimées

After much consideration, we’ve eliminated quests to weaken Ssïn. They now intertwine with the runes forge. These two mechanics were very similar, and by merging them, we provide greater coherence and fluidity.

Game Board Transformation

The new board for Dwarves the Fall of Karnarak

We’ve reformatted the board! Now, the board goes from 68.6 cm wide x 45.7 cm tall to 84 cm wide x 28 cm tall. But why such a transformation, you ask?

  1. The space needed to defend our citadel is shrinking, harmoniously fitting a standard 120 cm x 80 cm table. No more fears of our conquests overflowing beyond the table.
  2. Setup, once laborious, now takes less than 3 minutes.

This transformation isn’t just aesthetic; it’s the key to a smoother and faster gaming experience.

2, 3, or 5 Players

Great news! We’re harmonizing the experience for 2, 3, and 5 players, preserving the strategic intensity of the 4-player game.

Currently perfectly balanced for 4 players, this adaptation for other player numbers allows everyone to control a clan without altering the mechanics of the 4-player game.

Our goal was to avoid the complexity of managing multiple clans per player, such as taking 2 clans each in the case of a 2-player game.

Adventure at the Val des Jeux

Partie de test de Dwarves Fall of Karnarak lors du Val des Jeux 2023

Located near the incredible Disneyland Paris, Val des Jeux stands as a ludic fortress where everyone, from the youngest to the wisest, can immerse themselves in the enchanted realm of board games.

With over 200 tables manned by volunteers and passionate professionals, this ludic oasis offers a myriad of activities.

In the heart of this ludic feast, we had the honor of subjecting our game to a crucial test.

The version with two Warlords was put to the test under the lights of Val des Jeux.

The shouts of victory and echoes of laughter still resonate in our memories.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, we plan numerous statistical calculations and full-scale games to fine-tune the balance for 2, 3, and 5 players.

We’ll also be able to precisely predict the playing time based on the number of players.

Currently, it seems to range between a variable time of “30 minutes per player” and a fixed time of around 150 minutes. Balancing will allow us to decide precisely.

Finally, we hope to have professionally printed prototypes in a few weeks. This will allow us to test the quality of the materials and send copies to your favorite influencers for their objective feedback.


This quest through the tumults of Karnarak is nearing its conclusion, but our adventure is just beginning. The forge fires still gleam with the brilliance of the changes we’ve breathed into our ludic kingdom.

The tempo of the Warlords’ advance has changed, as have the victory and defeat conditions, offering unprecedented tactical depth among our clans. Events and Ssïn’s quests have been removed and integrated into the rest of the game to lighten the rules and offer renewed fluidity to our adventures.

The board has been put on a diet for aesthetics but also for practicality. Less clutter, quicker setup, and a smoother gaming experience.

And finally, our exploration extends beyond the borders of Karnarak to Val des Jeux. The tumult of laughter and victories still echoes in our ears, attesting to the success of our quest before the enchanted audience of this ludic sanctuary.

Lords and Ladies, with gratitude for your support and curiosity, we temporarily close the pages of this chapter. But stay tuned, as new adventures await.

Until our next meeting, may your axe always be sharp, and your beer always fresh.

With the pride of a strong clan,

Tania and Devrim 🛡️🍺

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