In this new year, Suffero Games is getting a new look!

Suffero Games is changing its name to Gameverse Tech!

First of all, I would like to wish you, on behalf of the entire Gameverse Tech team (which amounts to the impressive number of 2 people 😊) a happy new year 2023.

May your evenings and days be filled with games, victories and fun with your loved ones. 

With a new year comes good resolutions and changes. If we haven’t really made any good resolutions (except to test more games and launch our own in the near future), our micro company in the making has already undergone some big changes: Change of the design of our first game, change of the name of the future company, change in the team… In short, that’s a lot of changes.

Why change the name?

I must admit that I was never a fan of the name Suffero Games. However, it is my own creation which goes back to my young years as a roglist. Suffero evokes inner suffering, the fact of “suffering inside”. While the name lends itself well to the very first role-playing game I created in 1994, it has nothing to do with my vision of our future society. For me and my colleagues, gaming is first and foremost a pleasure to be shared with family and friends. It is not about suffering (although I challenge you to finish a game of “Campaign for North Africa”). So, the new name represents many facets of our respective personalities.

First of all, Gameverse represents the wide range of games that exist in this world. We’re talking about entire universes and we don’t want to limit ourselves to one type of game.

Second, we also want the name to represent our love of immersive, narrative games, ones that really take you on a journey into other universes (who said the Multiverse?). 

Finally, it is also the desire of the team (all of whom come from the world of science) to include new technologies in the world of board games and role playing.

Dwarves The Fall Of Karnarak and the new style

After having several comments about the old style of Dwarves, we decided to redesign the game. Indeed, the theme of the game is quite dark and we decided to make a stylistic change to make the images fit better with the atmosphere. So we asked different communities (including CWOWD where it all started and we thank you for that) to give us feedback on the new style and the result was unanimous! We had to change.

So we went from a World of Warcraft-like style to a more realistic style that also better represents our target demographic.

Here are some examples of how the old style compares to the new. Feel free to tell us what you think by sending us a short message with your suggestions.

Old Style

New Style

We sincerely hope that this change of style will please you and put you more in the atmosphere of the game. Feel free to send us your comments by contacting us. It is thanks to your feedback that we can create a game you will really want to play.

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We are 2 geeks living in Switzerland and passionate about board games and role playing games since childhood. We decided to realize our passion by designing our first game, Dwarves: The Fall Of Karnarak.

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